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Unique Diesel's Policy and Legal

Version 4/19/2018

Purchase Terms (How to Purchase)

Revision 4/19/2018

Most communication in negotiation for components will be handled electronically in writing via email and we have three forms of payment menthods to handle this.

Transactions Less than < $1,000 total USD -- Paypal Invoicing (temporary)

For small parts and component purchase Paypal Invoicing will be used. This system allows us to send you an email invoice that will come from with checkout instructions. This option accepts either Paypal or Just a Credit Card with no account to use or create. Paypal will collect payment and shipping information. See these instructions for it's use. Currently Credit cards incur a 4.5% additional fee on the transaction.

Transactions More than > $1,000 total USD -- Certified Check

We accept Certified Bank Checks for all invoices, please note that this will take 2-weeks to clear before items can be shipped. Use this method when you have time to mail a check and wait for us to deposit and release the shipment. International (Non USA) customers may mail checks as well for merchandise knowing that this is a slow process in receiving the check. Email us for the mailing address to send checks. Save 4.5% with this option on invoice vs a credit card.

Transactions More Than > $1,000 total USD -- Wire Transfer or ACH (Bill Pay).

We accept Wire Transfers and ACH (Bill Pay in the USA only) payments for all invoices. This is great for larger purchases. Wire transfers are the preferred payment method when customers are purchasing from outside of the USA. To use wire transfer email us with whether you need Doestic or International Wire instructions. Same instructions will work for ACH Transfers within the USA. Save 4.5% with this option on invoice vs a credit card.

Return Policy

Revision 4/1/2018

Unique Diesel's goal is to provide quality components and solutions based on clarity and transparency of what's being offered. With that said we understand that things happen that warrant a need for customer service and exchange.

Items sold via the Unique Diesel website and online store are exchange/replacement only unless otherwise stated, throughout the duration of the item's warranty. Please consult the product's description to identify the warranty term. Also consult with the warranty page to identify warranty terms for the type of item.

When an item cannot be exchanged, in the case of an item that cannot be replaced a refund will be granted once the defective item has been returned. This only applies to items obviously defective at arrival but primarily for items damaged during shipping.

Notification of defective, damaged and incorrect items must be reported to Unique Diesel within 15 days of receipt in order to be considered for replacement.

In the event of an incorrect part is received (error on our part), please make Unique Diesel aware of the issue and we will request return at our expenses and ship out the correct replacement once the previous item is shown to be in transit.

Special order, one-off, or custom manufactured parts are not returnable for refund.

For all other scenarios not covered a 30-day return policy from invoice date applies with the terms of a 35% restocking fee minus shipping expenses. This only applies to items returned in new-unused condition.

*** All return scenarios must be pre-authorized by emailing Unique Diesel before return shipment.

Core Policy

For many items sold on the Unique Diesel website as Refurbished and Remanufactured items a C.O.R.E charge applies. The core charge is visible via the handling fee charged at checkout. C.O.R.E stands for Cash On Return Exchange, in current times it means it's a charge applied to a purchase that will be credited when the used item is returned. All cores must be returned to Unique Diesel 30 Days after the tracking confirms receipt of the item you purchased. Cores returned after 30-days are not eligible for refund but still accepted. Here is a short list of items requiring a core charge and whether return shipping is included. If not listed or included with your item the return shipping is the buyer's responsibility.

  • DRAC/VSSB Modules - Return Envelope
  • ECM/PCM Computers - Return Label
  • Rocker Arm Assemblies - Return Label
  • Pushrod Sets - Return Label
  • Connecting Rod Assemblies - Return Label
  • Cylinder Heads - Return Label
  • Turbochargers - Return label
  • Engine Longblock - Request BOL

  • Transaction Policy

    Occasionally an order is accidentally placed, or product is purchased in duplicate but has not been shipped from Unique Diesel. Orders placed and requested to be cancelled also fall into this catetory. In these scenarios Unique Diesel has a 10% or minium $10 refund fee to cover transaction fees and accounting expenses.

    Items ordered by Unique Diesel at a customer's request that are special order are subject to a 40% stocking fee if cancelled by customer.

    Deposit Policy

    Most purchases are secured with a full payment up front for items. Optionally, partial deposits on purchases can be considered with the following terms: 50% down to pledge to an order invoice. Once the invoice items have been filled the customer will be notified for completion of the invoice. After 10 days of notification of a pending invoice a .25% (quarter of a percent) per day interest rate accrues. Full refunds on deposits are not possible and fall under the return policy and or special order policy depending on items ordered if considered for order cancellation.

    Liability Policy

    Unique Diesel is not liable for damage to property from products or advice or information received from technical services. Products sold are the responsibility of the end user to install correctly and safely also in accordance with regulations. All products and items sold by Unique Diesel and for sale on the Unique Diesel website and online store fall under this stipulation. Any user that does not agree with these terms should immediately request return and refund based on the return policy listed above.

    This website, images, video and "content" are the property of Unique Diesel and are Copyrighted and cannot be redistributed. Penisular Engines intellectual property is also the property of Unique Diesel and follows the same restrictions. Product or technical documentation (either electronic or in print) may not be altered or redistributed. Failure to honor this will result in legal actions.

    Copyright 2018 Unique Diesel