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Unique Diesel performs many of the standard upgrades available for the 6.5 Turbo Diesel and many custom in-house upgrades.

  • 97+ Cooling Modifications, 92-96 Trucks.
  • Dual 180 degree hi-flow thermostat installation
  • Kennedy Diesel 180 degree Fan and Clutch
  • Unique Diesel Marine Injector Instalaltion
  • Increase Fuel and Boost on Mechanical 6.5TD
  • Increase Fuel and Boost on Electronic 6.5TD
  • Heath Diesel turbomaster installation and calibration
  • Kennedy Diesel turbo boost fooler installation and calibration
  • Holset Turbocharger installation
  • Front Mounted Intercooler, more accurately Hanging ATA cooler fabrication 4x4 only
  • Exhaust installation
  • Mandrel downpipe installation
  • Stainless exhaust crossover installation
  • Performance gauge package (Boost, EGT, Trans Oil Temp)
  • Vin S To F complete upgrade (intake swap), EGR removal
  • EGR Delete programming Electronic 6.5TD
  • Gear Ratio changes 4.56 to 4.10 to 3.73 to 3.42
  • Inside bumper mounted PMD cooler installation
  • D-Tech PMD on injection pump (1 of 2 places these things live).
  • Gear Drive timing set installation
  • Fluidampr instalation
  • Cold Air Intake Instalation (AFE or S&B)
  • Colr Air Intake Fabrication (custom turbo instalation).

  • Upgrades

  • C to J conversion using correct year J series intake manifold
  • Exhaust System upgrades, Dual 2.5" System with crossover
  • Performance cooling radiator installation
  • Robershaw thermostat installation
  • Fuel System Calibration
  • Refresh fuel injectors
  • Fuel System timing to spec or advance.
  • Gear Drive timing set installation
  • Fluidampr instalation
  • Electric Fuel Pump Instalation
  • Banks Turbo Installation
  • 6.5TD Turbo Installation
  • Performance Turbo Gauge Instalation
  • Peninsular HO Waterpump installation
  • Diesel tachometer installation Example: ISSPRO

  • Copyright 2018 Unique Diesel